Hon. Jason Villalba

Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board

Jason Villalba is a former member of the Texas House of Representative. He served the people of the City of Dallas for over six years as a thoughtful and solutions-minded member of the Texas Legislature, serving on the Business and Industry Committee and the Economic Development and Small Business Committee. Prior to serving in the Texas Legislature, Jason was the Vice Chairman of the Dallas County Republican Party and the Chairman of the Dallas Chapter of the Republican National Hispanic Assembly.

Jason is an economist (drafting econometric analyses and providing prospective healthcare forecasts for a major Fortune 500 company), a financial analyst (serving as an analyst and advisor to a world-known Texas-based airline) and a corporate attorney (working for one of the largest law firms in the world) by trade. His professional experience relates almost exclusively to providing financial, economic and legal advice to his clients.

Jason’s most noteworthy contributions to the Texas conversation, however, relate to the legislation he passed as a member of the Texas Legislature. Jason is the author of the Protection of Texas Children Act, which is a program that the President of the United States and the Governor of Texas have determined is the appropriate measure to protect the nation’s children from armed attacks on public and private school campuses. Villalba also passed bills to protect Texas citizens from impaired drivers, crafted a bill that made it easier to permit oil and gas facilities and was a critical member of the Special Committee on Redistricting during the controversial redistricting fight of 2013-2017.

In his time in the Texas Legislature, Rep. Villalba made a difference by focusing on what mattered to his community and on issues that that would advance the cause of all Texans.